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Tamika Mallory’s March for Anti-Semitism

January 15, 2019Thedreidel

The sound stage at the ABC Broadcast Center in Manhattan's Upper West Side had not been buzzing like this since network executives cancelled the Roseanne show. Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Senator John McCain and c...

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How Is Israel Impacted By The American Withdrawal From Syria

January 11, 2019Thedreidel

As of the morning that I post this article, the withdrawal of troops from Syria has begun. How does this impact Israel? That's yet to be seen. What we do know is that the pull-out was unexpected and probably the reason wh...

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2019: The Year of Your Voice

January 1, 2019Thedreidel

It was just nine months ago that we first brought The Dreidel online. The dream of a father whose son had just been bar-Mitzvah'd, a rabbi whose congregation included media giants and artists, and an advocate for the care o...

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Hot Dog Diplomacy: New York Rabbi to Make Qatar Kosher for World Cup

December 29, 2018Thedreidel

The rabbi who brought kosher hot dogs to New York baseball stadiums wants to help the Persian Gulf state of Qatar host Jewish fans with food they can eat at soccer’s 2022 World Cup. Rabbi Marc Schneier, who founded Long...

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How Does Wonder Woman Spend New Years? In Israel Of Course!

December 28, 2018Thedreidel

Nine months since her last visit, Gal Gadot arrived in Israel this week to celebrate New Year's with family and friends. The Israeli actress landed in Tel Aviv on Wednesday with her husband and daughters. Eagle-eyed papar...

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10 Israeli Technology Advances That Are Making The World A Better Place

December 20, 2018Thedreidel

It's not enough to fight for Israel to survive. We must fight to insure that Israel continues to thrive. During this time of the year when we are compelled to review all that we have done, let's turn our thoughts to all th...

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The Threat to Teenaged Jews Is Real. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

December 16, 2018Thedreidel

Sometimes it's difficult to communicate the potential danger that hatespeak and random acts of religious intolerance holds for us. By us, I'm talking about you and me. I feel comfortable in addressing you like this, becaus...

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Muslim Leaders Across the Middle East Work with Israeli Rabbis to Keep the Peace

December 11, 2018Thedreidel

A remarkable alliance of Israeli orthodox rabbis and Muslim religious leaders in the Middle East is mediating behind the scenes following the anger and violence sparked by President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem ...

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We’re About To Award an Apple iPad To A Registered Visitor!

December 5, 2018Thedreidel

During this week of Chanukah we have a lot to be thankful for. The Dreidel has been operational for about 6 months, and already we've become the 'go to' news aggregator and content delivery platform for thousands of Jewish ...

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It’s Time to Call Out Campus Anti-Semitism by Both the Left and the Right

December 4, 2018Thedreidel

Jonathan A. Greenblatt is chief executive and national director of the Anti-Defamation League. American colleges are grappling with the challenge of striking the right balance between maintaining a safe, welcoming environ...

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