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How You Can Help Children Who Are Suffering From Hurricane Michael

October 11, 2018Thedreidel

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Florida’s children need your help now. As Hurricane Michael barrels toward the Panhandle region, vulnerable girls and boys are at great risk.

Life-threatening, 100-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rains are right now bearing down on this region and have forced families to leave everything behind to evacuate their homes or hunker down in emergency shelters. Expected storm damage means school closures could keep children out of school while child care center closings could mean parents are out of work and without an income.

Thanks to your support, Save the Children is pre-positioning supplies and deploying an emergency response team ready to support the urgent needs of children and families.

“Children are always among the most vulnerable when disaster strikes, and our thoughts and hearts go out to children and families along the Florida Panhandle,” said Sarah Thompson, Save the Children’s director for U.S. emergencies. “With 22 counties under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders, we hope people are able to safely return to their homes soon. But while children and families are displaced during this crisis, Save the Children will be there to help them recover.”

We stand ready to keep children safe and deliver essential, child-focused supplies for displaced children and families in emergency shelters – including hygiene kits, portable cribs, baby wipes, toys and children’s activities – and set up child-friendly spaces in shelters for children to play, learn and cope.

If you and your parents would like to donate, please click on the donate link: DONATE

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