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Hypocrizzy: Anti-Semitic Dutch Rapper Hides Behind Hate

June 27, 2019The Dreidel

A couple of years ago, there was a huge controversy over children dressing up as Anne Frank for Halloween.  Since we love the child like make believe world of hero worship, I didn't find anything wrong with trying to emulat...

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Nipsey Hussle’s Lesson for Jewish Teens

April 12, 2019The Dreidel

After experiencing his own 'Birthright' tour of East Africa, Nipsey abandoned the gang lifestyle and worked to better the lives of all young people caught up in gang violence. Nipsey Hussle, an African American hip hop ar...

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Drake Gets Real With Grammy Acceptance Speech

February 11, 2019Thedreidel

Drake just snagged the best rap song accolade at the 2019 Grammys — and he has something to say. Taking the stage to accept the award for his song “God’s Plan,” the rapper admitted it was “the first time in Grammy...

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Body Shaming Bebe Rexha

January 28, 2019Thedreidel

An American pop star up for Best New Artist at next month's Grammys said she's struggling to find a dress for the ceremony, with designers calling her "too big." Bebe Rexha -- a singer who also nabbed a nomination for the...

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How Taylor Swift Convinced Young People to Vote

October 17, 2018Thedreidel

Taylor Swift gave young people old enough to vote a gift, and it wasn't music - it was responsibility. Usually avoiding politics, Taylor Swift endorsed a candidate in her home state of Tennessee. She endorsed two candida...

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Shir Bliss! Israeli Teen Shir Ordo Recognized by Music Press for Latest CD

August 8, 2018Thedreidel

This article was first published in Gonzo Weekly - a counterculture rock music online publication that is read by the biggest rock artists in the world. Appearing after an article about Paul McCartney, Shir Ordo was recogni...

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Die Antwoord, South African Hip-hop Duo, Cancels Israel Concert

June 5, 2018Thedreidel

Although show producers and band management insists that the cancellation was not politically motivated, there are doubts.  The band insists that the cancellation is due to a late start to their tour. Hip-hop group Die Ant...

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Jewish Rapper Takes On Germany’s Hip-Hop Scene

May 12, 2018Thedreidel

ESSEN, Germany — A yellow star of David — the sort the Nazis forced Jews to wear — on the sleeve of a white sweatshirt appears near the start of the rapper Sun Diego’s “Yellow Bar Mitzvah” video. Seconds late...

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