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One Week A Synagogue, One Week A School: Where Does It End?

May 8, 2019The Dreidel

The year isn't even half way through, and yesterday we had the thirteenth school shooting of 2019.  We had hardly turned our attention away from the Poway Hillel Congregation synagogue shooting, when once again we are confr...

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EXCLUSIVE! The Spirit of Tzedakah Lives In 15 Year Old Activist

May 2, 2019The Dreidel

You probably wouldn't give 15 year old high school freshman Cameron Newman a second look if you passed him on the street.  This unassuming young man doesn't wear a cape, he can't leap over buildings, and I'm pretty sure tha...

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Close to Home: Shooting at Synagogue in Poway, California

April 27, 2019The Dreidel

Keep refreshing page for developments as it happens.  As we enjoy our shabbat, this news just came to us from a good friend.  Poway, a rural San Diego suburb of Spanish style homes and avocado groves, is now home to anti-S...

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What Another Round of Netanyahu Means for American Teenaged Jews

April 10, 2019The Dreidel

Israel has elected a new Prime Minister.  Actually - the term is new.  An unprecedented fifth term as Israel's leader.  Benjamin Netanyahu has defied the odds, as well as looming indictments, to once again lead the great ...

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Modern Anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom

March 31, 2019Thedreidel

We are fortunate to have noted children's author Kate Wiseman as our guest contributor.  Kate is a children’s writer. She lives in Saffron Walden, England, with her husband, her son (when he’s home from university) and ...

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How Is Israel Impacted By The American Withdrawal From Syria

January 11, 2019Thedreidel

As of the morning that I post this article, the withdrawal of troops from Syria has begun. How does this impact Israel? That's yet to be seen. What we do know is that the pull-out was unexpected and probably the reason wh...

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10 Israeli Technology Advances That Are Making The World A Better Place

December 20, 2018Thedreidel

It's not enough to fight for Israel to survive. We must fight to insure that Israel continues to thrive. During this time of the year when we are compelled to review all that we have done, let's turn our thoughts to all th...

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WTF?? 25% of Europe Is Anti-Semitic According to CNN

November 27, 2018Thedreidel

Today, CNN released a sweeping survey of European attitudes towards Jews, based on responses from thousands of individuals across seven countries. The findings are both horrifying and utterly unsurprising to anyone who has f...

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Teaching Teens to Stand Up to Anti-Semitism

November 26, 2018Thedreidel

The rise in episodes of anti-Semitism over the last two years has been well documented. We've seen our fellow Jews felled by violence. When it comes to our children, we walk a tightrope of protection while wishing that we ...

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Bar Gunman Was ‘Out of Control’ in High School, Coach says

November 12, 2018Thedreidel

We all know someone in high school how is 'different'. Often they are the recipient of bullying and are shunned by other students. Should you friend them? Should you avoid them? Sometimes the decision is best left up to ...

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