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Looking Forward to College: Here’s a Great Resource For You

May 13, 2019The Dreidel

College students looking to find a robust Jewish community and other resources to practice their faith on campus have a lot of options at their disposal. From the number of active student groups to kosher dining options, the...

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One Week A Synagogue, One Week A School: Where Does It End?

May 8, 2019The Dreidel

The year isn't even half way through, and yesterday we had the thirteenth school shooting of 2019.  We had hardly turned our attention away from the Poway Hillel Congregation synagogue shooting, when once again we are confr...

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The Time Is Now! Treating Mental Health While Fighting the War Against Anti-Semitism

May 3, 2019The Dreidel

Jonah Sanderson is student advisor to The Dreidel and rabbinical intern at Temple of the Arts of Beverly Hills. The time is now. What great significance do those words have if we don’t act? From the Tree of Life Shoo...

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EXCLUSIVE! The Spirit of Tzedakah Lives In 15 Year Old Activist

May 2, 2019The Dreidel

You probably wouldn't give 15 year old high school freshman Cameron Newman a second look if you passed him on the street.  This unassuming young man doesn't wear a cape, he can't leap over buildings, and I'm pretty sure tha...

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A 15-Year-Old Teen Started the GoFundMe for Chabad of Poway

April 30, 2019The Dreidel

On the Shabbat morning of April 27, a 19-year-old with a gun killed Lori Gilbert-Kaye and injured several others at the Chabad of Poway outside of San Diego. But before the sun had set and observant Jews were able to see...

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“There is no one really to protect us.” What To Do During An Active Shooter Event

April 28, 2019The Dreidel

You are a teenager.  You are at services.  There is a shooter.  What do you do? The father of injured 8 year old Poway Chabad Congregation Synagogue congregant Noya Dahan just gave a passionate statement to CNN on wher...

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In The Aftermath a Hero Emerges – And She Is a Woman

April 28, 2019The Dreidel

We are living in strange times.  We urge all of our readers to take a moment when entering a synagogue or any public place to familiarize yourself with where the exits are.  In the case of Lori Kaye, there was only one exi...

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Close to Home: Shooting at Synagogue in Poway, California

April 27, 2019The Dreidel

Keep refreshing page for developments as it happens.  As we enjoy our shabbat, this news just came to us from a good friend.  Poway, a rural San Diego suburb of Spanish style homes and avocado groves, is now home to anti-S...

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Why Are We Celebrating That a Jew Was Elected President of the Ukraine?

April 22, 2019The Dreidel

A Jewish actor who has no political experience just took 73% of the vote to become the Ukraine's president by a landslide.  While we congratulate the winner, we have to ask ourselves if we are celebrating the victory of a f...

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One Jew’s Connection to Notre Dame

April 16, 2019The Dreidel

Watching Notre Dame burn yesterday was a sad experience for me.  On one level, I felt bad for the faithful who had gathered outside, their collective voices singing Ave Maria while burning embers fell and skittered along th...

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