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Hypocrizzy: Anti-Semitic Dutch Rapper Hides Behind Hate

June 27, 2019The Dreidel

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A couple of years ago, there was a huge controversy over children dressing up as Anne Frank for Halloween.  Since we love the child like make believe world of hero worship, I didn’t find anything wrong with trying to emulate a hero like Anne Frank by dressing up like her.

However, when you are a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semite whose ignorance of history leads you to making Holocaust denial tweets, and spewing lies about Jews – then calling yourself Anne Frank is a blatant act of hate, and it needs to be called out.

So let’s do that.  Let’s call her out for the hateful and ignorant remarks that she is trying to build a career on.  How do we do that without giving her any more of the publicity that she seeks?  Well, for starters, let’s not mention her name.  Wanna-be celebs hate it when you don’t use their name.  🙂

What we will mention is her anti-Semitic past and the posts that framed her mindset as her career arc began to angle upwards.  She had just released a single titled ‘Silence’, that features references to sex and drugs.  Usually, that’s pretty normal for a rap or hip hop song, but this time, media reports about the single landed on the desk of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel – a watchdog group that monitors anti-Semitism.  It was noted that the rapper has a history of writing anti-Semitic statements over social media, as well as the occasional sympathetic Tweet.

Her manager, the well-known rapper Lange Frans, said that she was aware of the anti-Semitic tweets and posts.   “I’ve known her for awhile and there are many sides to her.  I believe in her.  She never meant to hurt anyone.”

In March of 2018, the rapper made the following remark, “If Taylor Swift were Jewish, I’d gas her personally.”

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