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Why a Huge Fight with My Teens Ended Up Making Shabbat Better

May 17, 2019The Dreidel

The cholent hits the fan in this fun and poignant article by Lisa Trank. In the SoCal Reform Jewish household of my youth, we lit candles and drank wine and grape juice on Friday nights, but Shabbat was not much more than...

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Desperate ‘Epic Fail’ Move to Hack Eurovision

May 15, 2019The Dreidel

Song contest semi-final interrupted with warnings of imminent attack on Tel Aviv. The online stream of the Eurovision semi-finals in Israel was hacked to show warnings of a missile strike and images of blasts in the host ...

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Did An Ancient Jewish Scholar Introduce The World to Pizza?

May 14, 2019The Dreidel

In 1983, the Italian-Israeli professor Sandra Debenedetti Stow stunned the scholarly world with an explosive article that proposed that Jews introduced pizza to the European diet. She cited Yehuda Romano, a 14th-century...

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Israel at Brink of War: What Of The Children?

May 6, 2019The Dreidel

In 2001, UNICEF released a study on the effects of war on Israeli and Palestinian children.  The innocents that are caught in the headlights of violence are sometimes the ones who are effected most, and have lasting symptom...

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At 93 Years Old, Holocaust Survivor Braves Cancer for One Last March to Auschwitz

May 1, 2019The Dreidel

While we keep monitoring the situation at Poway, we wanted to bring you this inspirational story of Ed Mosberg, a Holocaust survivor whose shoulders we all stand on.  Let's follow in this amazing man's footsteps. - Editor ...

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In The Aftermath a Hero Emerges – And She Is a Woman

April 28, 2019The Dreidel

We are living in strange times.  We urge all of our readers to take a moment when entering a synagogue or any public place to familiarize yourself with where the exits are.  In the case of Lori Kaye, there was only one exi...

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The Centrist Superhero

April 23, 2019The Dreidel

Growing up, Beyonce was a superhero to rabbinical student Jonah Sanderson.  More so than Superman or Spiderman, our student advisor and rabbinical intern at Temple of the Arts was following a unique path that many teens wil...

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Rabbi David Baron Recognizes Our Responsibility To Our Planet on Earth Day

April 22, 2019The Dreidel

Rabbi David Baron, Advisor Emeritus to The Dreidel and Chief Rabbi of Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts gives an inspirational message regarding our responsibility to our planet on Earth Day.  Please listen to Rabbi Baron's ...

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Why Are We Celebrating That a Jew Was Elected President of the Ukraine?

April 22, 2019The Dreidel

A Jewish actor who has no political experience just took 73% of the vote to become the Ukraine's president by a landslide.  While we congratulate the winner, we have to ask ourselves if we are celebrating the victory of a f...

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One Jew’s Connection to Notre Dame

April 16, 2019The Dreidel

Watching Notre Dame burn yesterday was a sad experience for me.  On one level, I felt bad for the faithful who had gathered outside, their collective voices singing Ave Maria while burning embers fell and skittered along th...

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