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Blair Braverman becomes first Jewish woman to finish the Iditarod sled dog race

March 19, 2019Thedreidel

JTA) — Writer and adventurer Blair Braverman appears to be the first Jewish woman to race in — and complete — the historic Iditarod sled dog race, finishing the grueling 1,000-mile course in 13 days, 19 hours, 17 m...

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Joey Padula: Anti-Semitism Through The Eyes of an Evangelical Christian Student

March 11, 2019Thedreidel

Anti-semitism takes many forms, but the most recent form of pro-Palestinianism is a cheap way to hide and claim “wokeness” (as is often used on college campuses). “Wokeness” can be (and often is) beneficial to rai...

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Announcing Our Student Advisory Board

March 5, 2019Thedreidel

The Dreidel is proud to announce the formation of our first Student Advisory Board. Responsibilities of the Board and Advisors will be to insure the direction of The Dreidel in its fight against anti-Semitism. These student ...

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Nazi Beer Pong: Newport Beach Area High Schools Show Outrage

March 4, 2019Thedreidel

Newport Beach school officials on Sunday said they are investigating images posted on social media appearing to show a group of partying students — arms outstretched in a Nazi salute — gathered around red plastic cups ar...

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We Want Your Voice On Islamophobia

February 19, 2019Thedreidel

How do you feel about Islam, about Muslims, about co-habitation, Sharia law, religious intolerance? How do you feel about sharing your thoughts with us? We won't use your name. Even if you want us to, we aren't going to. ...

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Anti-Semitism Down Under: “Gas The Jews!” Shouted at Jewish Teens

February 11, 2019Thedreidel

3 Jewish boys were subjected to anti-Semitic abuse, including shouts of “gas the Jews”, after they accidentally boarded the wrong bus in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday, The Age reported.  Anti-Semitism 'down under' h...

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Tech Giant Intel Now Has 20 Israeli Vice Presidents

February 8, 2019Thedreidel

12% of all patents submitted by Intel in 2015-2018 originated in Israel, with the number rising to 13.5% in 2018 On Thursday, Intel Corp. announced the permanent appointment of interim CEO Bob Swan as CEO. The company...

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What Do You Have In Common With Superbowl MVP Julian Edelman? He’s a Jew Too!

February 4, 2019The Dreidel

On Sunday, more than 100 million American football fans tuned in to the 53rd Super Bowl, when the Los Angeles Rams fell to the New England Patriots. And while the Super Bowl is a celebration of the US’s favorite national p...

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Anti-Semitic killings in 2018 ‘highest’ in decades: Israel

January 28, 2019Thedreidel

Anti-Semitic killings that result in Jews murdered in anti-Semitic attacks around the world in 2018 reached its "highest" level in decades after a mass shooting at a US synagogue, an Israeli government report said Sunday. ...

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Space Week to Focus on Israel Space Technology for Kids – Opens Next Week

January 22, 2019Thedreidel

Israel will launch "Space Week," an annual event encompassing various space-themed activities and learning centers around the country, from January 27 to January 31. Israel Space Technology is at the forefront of "Space Week...

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