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Shir Bliss! Israeli Teen Shir Ordo Recognized by Music Press for Latest CD

August 8, 2018Thedreidel

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This article was first published in Gonzo Weekly – a counterculture rock music online publication that is read by the biggest rock artists in the world. Appearing after an article about Paul McCartney, Shir Ordo was recognized for her work as a musician, songwriter and performer. – Editor

I first met Shir Ordo about 4 years ago. She accompanied her mom Tammy, who is an accomplished violinist and music educator, and her father Avi, to Los Angeles to play in an event that I was involved in. Mutual friends kept the relationship alive, and I was able to keep in touch with this great family over Facebook.

Ah Facebook, the great leveler of humanity. Little did I know that behind the posts and photos of birthdays and recitals, there was a talent of global potential who was fermenting into a heady brew of artistry, poise and intellect. The little girl whose violin appeared like a cello in her diminutive embrace was growing into a star.

Photo: Tomer Almakayes

Fast forward to my recent trip to Israel. Over dinner at a trendy restaurant on the cobbled streets of Old Jaffa, her mom slipped me a CD festooned with foreign words in Hebrew, and on the cover, laying in a field of clover was an older, grown-up Shir Ordo. I quickly scanned the CD, and couldn’t help but notice that Shir was looking up at whoever was holding the CD, daring them to listen.

I tucked the CD into my valise, sandwiching it between a copy of the latest Rolling Stone, and the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s digital release. Little did I know how at home that CD would be amongst some of the greatest music in my library.

Once back home, I unpacked my bags and tossed Shir’s CD to my wife. “Here, you might like this”, I said – offering what I thought would be more at home in her iTunes collection than mine. While I prefer my rock served hard and classic, Nuala dances to a different tune – more along the lines of Barbra Streisand, Joss Stone, Adele and gulp…Abba. I remember it was an interruption to Hendrix’ “If Six Was Nine” that the headphones were ripped off of my head, and my wife’s voice intoning:

“You’ve got to hear this”.

Photo on right: Moshik Brin

She had tears in her eyes. Cutting onions again, dear? Nothing could have been further from the truth. Her soul had been touched. I searched for the CD, and found its digital equivalent on the Internet. I downloaded the album, leaned back, and experienced what must have been George Martin’s response on that day when he heard The Beatles sing Love Me Do, all those years ago.

Shir Ordo had not only grown, she had matured. “Connected”, her album of original songs touched me. I contacted Tammy over Facebook, and told her that my favorite song was ‘Always’, a song with a very trippy hook. She was singing to me. Yes Shir, I don’t feel I’m good enough, and yes…life is really tough! By the time the chorus hit, I was moving – this was All You Need Is Love – hopeful and positive. It did make me fly, and by the end of the song, I was hitting the repeat button again, and again, and again.

The guitars soared and the violin scaled the melody, all a backdrop to Shir’s voice that hinted at experience and embraced innocence.
Then, what followed is ‘Kiss Me’, and it was at this point that I felt the floor give away and I started to float. Again, the notion of flying was woven through the lyrics. Pure escapism, set on an exceptional arrangement. A daughter’s song to a parent, asking for a kiss on the cheek and a commitment to love until death. I get choked up just writing this, as I watch children rescued from a Thai cave, the hopefulness of youth in the hands of an artist is what gives us a reason to carry on.

Yeah I know this is a prog rock magazine. I sent a copy to a friend who helms a popular cable alt rock show. “Do you realize that I play The Stooges and Howling Wolf?” Yes, but there is no denying true talent. Shir Ordo will be big. Bigger than big. I can’t believe that I sat next to her eating Calimari Pizzas and talking about favorite ice cream flavors.

I’ll say “I knew her when…”

Reprinted from The Gonzo Weekly

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