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Announcing Our Student Advisory Board

March 5, 2019Thedreidel

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The Dreidel is proud to announce the formation of our first Student Advisory Board. Responsibilities of the Board and Advisors will be to insure the direction of The Dreidel in its fight against anti-Semitism. These student writers come from different parts of our nation, and are committed to fight religious and cultural intolerance on campus. The Dreidel looks forward to their courage, their input, their voice and their passion.


Joey Padula

Double Majoring in Philosophy and German Studies at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL; Graduating Class 2020; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Zeta Beta Chapter); Augustana College Fencing Club; Eagle Scout; Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Member; Home Schooled Student (Sunlight Curriculum and Memoria Press Online Academy).

Joey’s goal is to aid Augustana College in creating a welcoming community that provides equal experiences to all students on campus.

“Augustana is a good school, but unfortunately has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to certain forms of anti-semitism. I want to promote awareness of the various forms anti-semitism takes so that Augustana College becomes the home for everyone it seeks to be”. – Joey Padula


Sam Kazimirowicz

As a senior at North Hollywood High School in Valley Village, California – Sam enjoys high school activities as well as being part of his synagogue, Temple Ahavat Shalom. Sam’s voice can be heard as part of the teen choir (he’s been a member for a few years). A self-described ‘computer nerd’, Sam is also an avid ska enthusiast.


Darcy Cohen

Part of the girl’s basketball squad at Allegheny High School, when Darcy is not shooting airballs from the paint, she can be found at her parent’s Bosendorfer grand piano playing everything from Lady Gaga to Beethoven (the composer, not the dog). Darcy describes herself as somewhere between ‘activism and anarchy’, and is involved in many activities that support immigration, women’s rights, and she speaks out vehemently against anti-Semitism.

Advisors to the Advisors


Milan Chatterjee – Advisor

When Milan was a UCLA graduate law student, and president of the UCLA’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) – Milan got to know first hand what anti-Semitism was all about. Having gotten in the crosshairs of Students for Justice in Palestine, Milan was virtually driven from UCLA in an orchestrated campaign of misinformation, scape-goating, and bullying. Why? Because Milan wanted assurances that an event by SJP would not include any anti-Israel, pro-BDS rhetoric. Inflaming UCLA students and supporting anti-Semitism was not cool with Milan, and he stood up to the haters. You can read about Milan here.


Rabbi David Baron – Advisor Emeritus

As leader of Los Angeles’ leading arts and entertainment industry congregation at Temple of the Arts of Beverly Hills, Rabbi Baron understood the challenges that promoting activism against anti-Semitism posed.  “We founded The Dreidel along the principals that Jewish teenagers were being challenged by hate speak, and had no relevant platform that enabled their voices as well as fortifying their connection to Israel.  I’m proud to be an advisor to The Dreidel’s First Student Advisory Board.”
The Dreidel was inspired by a generous donor who challenged Rabbi Baron to keep teens connected to their faith and culture after their Bar / Bat Mitzvah.
Hailing from New York, Rabbi Baron graduated from City University of New York with a double major in Political Science and Hebrew Literature, giving Rabbi Baron a unique perspective in deciphering current events into their proper perspective.  Rabbi Baron created a unique approach to Judaism by focusing on ‘religion through music, drama, art, dance and film’.  Sought after by film and television executives, Rabbi Baron has consulted on major motion pictures from directors like Ridley Scott.

Jonah Sanderson – Rabbinical Student

Jonah Sanderson is a Los Angeles based Rabbinical student and intern at Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills. He has a background in criminal justice through education and cares deeply about fighting anti Semitic rhetoric through a political centrist standpoint. “Jonah’s energy and commitment to Jewish teens makes him perfect for his role as student advisor”, said The Dreidel editor and creative director Richard Stellar.  “Jonah will be key to our growth as he works to connect The Dreidel to youth groups and organizations who are strategic and will benefit from The Dreidel’s mission to fight anti-Semitism and connect Jewish teens to their faith and culture.”

In his spare time Jonah is a craft beer drinker, R&B fan and chef.

Quote: “ I live for a good battle and we believe deeply in the fight against anti Semitic rhetoric, I’m in it to win it!”

You can join The Dreidel in the fight against anti-Semitism!  Send an e-mail to us here and tell us about yourself!

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