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Rabbi David Baron’s Message On Pittsburgh Massacre

November 1, 2018Thedreidel

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As Rabbi to a congregation that includes many young people in middle and high schools, I wanted to reach out to you especially in order to make sure that my words are understood.

What happened in Pittsburgh is horrible. It is a tragedy that has unfortunately visited our faith throughout history. As Jews, we seem to absorb much about this world of ours. We’ve seen tragedy from both sides – as recipients and as healers to those who have also experienced it. One thing that we must do, especially young people, is not allow ourselves to be so consumed in our grief that our words lose meaning. I ask you to process what has happened in a way that is full of understanding and love. It is the only way for us to not be like them. This is what we do best – communicate from the heart to people who we may disagree with. I know you can do this, and I remain proud of you. Let’s pray for the victims, with the survivors, and for our world. We must do better.

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